Get to Know Jr. High Science Teacher Mrs. Zahedi

Mrs. Zahedi surrounded by young scientists.

Olivia Schmitz

Mrs. Zahedi surrounded by young scientists.

Question #1: When did you first become a science teacher and what was the first school you taught at? What were your feelings and emotions on the first day?

I first became a science teacher in 1977, and I taught at Cromwell High School in Connecticut. I was so nervous when I first taught because I was twenty-two years old and the students were eighteen years old. I thought that they wouldn’t respect me

Question #2:  How did you become so interested in science?

I’ve always been very curious about the earth and the human body. I’ve wanted to do something like this because I was very curious.

Question #3:  What is your favorite part of being a science teacher here at Benilde St. Margaret’s?

My favorite part of being a science teacher is watching the students understand. I like watching them when they have figured out what I was saying, and I can see in their faces that they have comprehended what I am teaching.

Question #4:  Did you ever think of any careers other than a science teacher?

I wanted to be a dentist. I can tell someone everything about their teeth because I was always interested in dentistry.

Question #5:  Have you always liked teaching junior high students? What do you like particularly about that age?

I like to teach junior high a lot because this is the first time that the children are hearing this information, so they are very curious about what I am telling them. The children are not biased because they don’t know any of this information I am teaching them yet.

Question #6:  What is your favorite science unit to teach? Why?

I love teaching about the human body, but my favorite would have to be digestion because I did graduate work in that, and I know lots about it.

Question #7:  Who or what has been a big influence in your life?

My husband Massie has been a huge influence in my life because my husband was going to be a doctor, and we both have lots of curiosity in how the universe works.

Question #8:  What is your favorite part about the BSM community and school?

I like the Benilde St. Margaret’s community because of all of the strength it has.

Question #9:  What do you like to do in your free time?

I love being active, and I don’t like sitting down a lot. My favorite things to do are gardening, traveling, tap dancing, reading, and I like to go on lots of bike rides.

Question #10:  Why and when did you start tap dancing?

I started tap dancing twenty years ago because I like to stay active, and I love the different sounds that I can make with my feet while I’m tap dancing.

Question #11:  Who is in your family (kids, husband)?

My family consists of my husband Massie, my daughter Allison (35), and my son Derek (33).

Question #12:  Where did you grow up and have you lived anywhere else?

I grew up in Wyoming. I moved to Connecticut, which was where my first teaching job was. Now I’m in Minnesota.

Question #13:  What is your favorite trip you have taken?

I like to travel a lot, but my favorite trip I have ever taken is when I went to Europe.

Question #14:  What is something that no one at BSM would know about you?

My close friends call me Pioneer Woman because I do everything the old-fashioned way.