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Junior High Pop Choir

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On Wednesday afternoon beautiful harmonies and melodies can be heard from the choir room. This is because the BSM Junior High Pop Choir is rehearsing. This small group of singers can be found practicing here once a week to prepare for the Junior High concerts.

Pop Choir is a fun experience for anyone who likes to sing.  It is open to the whole Junior High, both 7th and 8th Graders.  They choose a song to sing and perform it at the concert.  Mrs. Nancy Stockhaus, the maker of Pop Choir, thought that there should be a group for students who liked to sing pop songs.  Thus, Pop Choir was born.

Pop Choir has attracted different kinds of people, even those who aren’t in choir!

Veronica Nowakowski, a new member of Pop Choir is in band instead of choir and has no stage experience whatsoever.  She says, “I’ve always wanted to join some sort of choir, but I’m in band.  Also, most of my friends are here in Pop Choir.  It’s fun to sing and dance, and sometimes we kind of mess around.”  She plans to return again next year.

While Pop Choir is mostly 7th graders, 8th graders still participate.  Maya Argenta says that she has been doing Pop Choir all year.  “Well, I like to sing and I like coming here because it’s a group of girls that I like to hang with. I like to sing music that’s fun to sing, like pop music. It reminds me of the play.”  She also says that she will definitely join the High School Pop Choir.

During this year’s Christmas concert, the Pop Choir sang “Where Are You Christmas?” from ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’.  For the Spring Concert on May 14th, the choir will be singing “Perfect Day” from ‘Legally Blonde’.  There is a preview below of the song.

Overall, Pop Choir is a unique place to express yourself and is a hands down fun time.  We hope to see you next year at Pop Choir!


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Junior High Pop Choir