Get to Know New Jr. High Latin Teacher Dr. Williams


Question 1: What is your favorite memory from when you were first studying Latin?

My favorite memory would be having a fun teacher that recited Virgil who was also a funny and crazy teacher at the University of Vermont.

Question 2:  How and when did you get interested in Latin?

I was originally a French major at the University of Vermont, and I started to get interested in Latin while studying the Renaissance over the summer at Duke University in France during 1987.

Question 3: How many schools have you taught at before BSM?

I have taught at six schools all over the U.S.

Question 4: What’s your favorite meal you ever ate and where did you eat it?

I can’t choose, so I’d say that it would be either a nice pasta or a tender duck with raspberry sauce from Muffuletta.

Question 5: What is your favorite movie?

Being a Latin teacher, my favorite movie would be Roman Holiday because I like to see Rome and the twentieth century fashion.

Question 6: What is something interesting about you that no one at BSM knows about you?

In Portland, Oregon I printed shirts for rock-&-roll bands and got to meet the members.

Question 7: What do you like to do in your free time?

I like to do art, silk screening, riding my bike, making bread, and doing yoga.

Question 8: What brought you to BSM?

I was brought to Minnesota for personal reasons, and I was drawn to BSM because of the reputation of the school.

Question 9: What do you think of the BSM community?

I think BSM is fabulous, friendly, and lots of fun.

Question 10: How does it feel to be in a new environment with new people and a new building to adapt to?

I feel like BSM is a fun, tiring, and lots of laughs school. I need lots of energy to keep up with the work and the different activities around school.