Junior High Dance Recap

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The Junior High Halloween Costume Party was fun, exciting, and filled with many different activities. The many activities consisted of ping pong, decorating pumpkins, dancing in the cafeteria, and many more. There were some really interesting and creative costumes. Megan G.’s favorite costumes were the Starbucks cups. Maggie K. also liked the Starbucks cups, but she liked the Minions and the President with his security guards, too. The big Sumo Wrestler was Henry S.’s favorite costume. Everyone thought that the music was great and fun to dance to, but they needed more new music.

I interviewed Mrs. Zahedi on what she likes about the Halloween party. Mrs. Zahedi has been helping out at the parties and chaperoning for over fifteen years. She really loves being at the parties because she can be active, and it gives her the chance to get to know students. Mrs. Zahedi’s favorite part to help on on in the party is checking in the people. She loves to do that because she can see all the cool costumes and feel their energy and excitement. Mrs. Zahedi also enjoys chaperoning in the gym because she can let off her energy and get active. The Junior High Halloween Costume Party was so fun, and everyone can’t wait for the next party.

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