Game Review: Rocket League


Screenshot from Xbox

An intense moment just before a goal.

Rocket League has won many awards, mainly because of its beautiful graphics and intense gameplay. It’s a game of soccer, but the user controls a car instead of a player. It was released by Pyonix in 2015. It’s available on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and the Nintendo Switch.

There are many cool aspects to the game. For example, players can collect boost and use it to gain speed. All over the pitch there are “pads” of boost. The majority of the boost pads give you 12 boost but in the four corners and on the sides are boost pads that completely fill your boost. All your boost gets added to your boost gauge. Max capacity is 100.

Screenshot from Xbox
Mid-air shot.

There are many different ways to interact with other players, such as trading, text chat, and voice chat. Trading is my personal favorite way of interacting with others. There are many items to trade, like wheels, cars, toppers, antennas, and boost. I find it really fun, especially the awesome feeling after getting a good deal!

Although the gameplay is intense, it can also be boring. Each game is almost always the same. Two games have a lot more similarities than differences. For example, the first game a player finishes could be a slow back and forth, low-scoring game. The next game could be a little faster but still a back and forth, low-scoring game. Most games are just all the same, so it gets a little boring at times.

There are so many things that set the game apart from other games. Sometimes I ask myself how someone even came up with a game like this. The thing that sets it apart the most is that the game’s amazing developers sometimes fix just the littlest thing imaginable. For example, there is a stadium with a rain effect. In the background, there is a double rainbow. In nature, a double rainbow is a rainbow and upsidedown rainbow on top. In the game, it was two regular rainbows. A player noticed this, told the developers and they changed it to be correct.

Car soaring through the air.

Overall, Rocket League is one of my favorite games. It is well-made and has so many great aspects. It’s really fun to play, especially with friends.

Car chasing after the ball.