Junior High Football


Bruce Porisch

Ben Wikenheiser catching a snap.

The BSM junior high football team had a rough season, ending with a record of 2-6.

Steve Nelson
Sam Peters and team warm up before game against Moundsview

Their starting quarterback, eighth-grader Jack Kinsey, was a valuable player throughout the season. Kinsey scored three touchdowns in the last two games, one as a QB when he ran up the sideline to score the first touchdown of the game. He then scored his final two touchdowns at tight end.

Losses in the first 6 games of the season were really tough for the players and coaches. Surprisingly, they came back at the very end of the season, winning their last two games against Mounds View, 13-6 and against the Police Athletic League (PAL) team, 8-7.

Starting cornerback and eighth-grader  Zyan Hall said, “I think that our whole team needed to work on our energy level.” Seventh-grade linebacker C.J. Sauer said, “Yes, I thought we grew together and started to become an actual team on the field.” Daniel Porisch, eighth grade, said, “I think that we could have definitely improved on our tackling throughout the course of the year.”

Overall, the football team had a somewhat successful year ending with a record of 2-6. The football team was cooperative with everyone on the team including the coaches. The team made many friends throughout the course of the year.

Bruce Porisch
Ben Wikenheiser catching a snap.

Even though the team may not have had that good of a season, the team bonded together nicely. Everyone was included in all of the drills, everyone on the team had a lot of fun, and most of the players are considering playing football next year and the year after that. Everyone was accepting of the others who may have never played football before.

The whole team worked really hard each day in practice. Everyone was trying to do their best whether it was during a drill in practice or during a game during an offensive rush. The team worked great together and eventually it paid off with winning the last two games of the season.

Interviews conducted by Sam Peters.