All about the Amazing BSM Dance Team


LoLo Landry 7th grader stretches

The BSM dance team is off to a good start this year from dancing at the first football game of the season to killing it on the field at homecoming.

Kiley Trochill stretching into splits

“My favorite part of dance team is performing the dance,” said Stella Ordahl 7th Grader. The dance team is led by the head coach Sam Cameranesi. The assistant varsity coaches are Jenna Myers and Shannon Dee. The junior high coaches are Amanda Goles and Natalie Dorsey. Dance practice includes several different components.  “In our practice, we stretch, condition, work on technique, clean up the dances, and do other fun things,” said Lolo Landry, 8th grader. The team captains on the team are seniors Megan Olk and Ava Smithmier, and juniors Lauren Chevalier, Lily Nederveld, and Molly Segner.


“The practices are about pushing our limits and strengthening ourselves to become better dancers,” said Landry. The team has five 8th graders and three 7th graders. At practice, the warm-up was intense, but it looked like it was fun. “The turns are by far the hardest part of the dances,” said Monica Beutz, 7th grader. “The dancing is fun but hard because you have to clean up the dances and make sure everybody is in doing it right and they are dancing together.” Altogether, it sounds like the dance team had a great fall season and they are going to be on fire in the new winter season.  Right now they are going through tryouts for that upcoming season.

Emily Zagaros stretching.