BSM Swim Meet Honoring Anne Dickey


Grace Ehrmantraut

On September 21, 2017, the BSM junior high and high school girls swim team competed at St. Louis Park Middle School. However, this was not any normal swim meet. This meet was dedicated to Anne Dickey, the mother of junior swimmer Elle Dickey. Anne Dickey recently lost her battle with cancer.  The team performed very well, scoring 129 to 59 ahead of the other school, Bloomington Kennedy. The pool area was covered in yellow balloons and streamers to honor Anne Dickey. When asked how they did at the meet, the team responded with confidence that they did well.

Grace Ehrmantraut
Alexis Murphy warming up with the freestyle stroke.

Claire Prindiville is a seventh grader on the BSM junior high varsity swim team. Comparing this meet to others, Prindiville said, “I haven’t been in very many meets like this even though I’ve been swimming for nine years, since I was four.”  In the meet, Prindiville swam 200-meter backstroke and freestyle. She thinks that the team is pretty awesome. She loves swimming a lot and is excited to be on the swim team.

Jane Boase is another seventh grader on the swim team, and she thinks the team did exceptionally well. Boase said that she did better than most meets she’s been in, but it wasn’t her best. She has been swimming since the age of seven but has only been swimming competitively for five years. Boase said that she absolutely loves swimming and thinks others should join the swim team.

Grace Ehrmantraut
Jane Boase swimming the butterfly against her competitors.

Sophie Sohm, an eighth-grader, also competes on the team. Sophie thought that she did pretty well and that the team did well too. She got some personal records at the meet and did better than she had at other meets. The swimmer has been competing for two years. In the meet on September 21, she competed in freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke. Like Boase, Sohm thinks that more people should join the swim team.

When asked about Anne Dickey’s death, the girls were very willing to talk about it. Claire Prindiville has known the Dickeys since she was six years old, and their families are very close. Also, Prindiville doesn’t think that bad things should happen to good people. She went on to say that Anne Dickey was very courageous and optimistic during her entire illness. Prindiville said Anne didn’t even want to know the percent of people that died from cancer. Boase told me that even though she didn’t know Anne, she knows Elle Dickey and has been very sad and emotional. Boase said, “The team has stuck together and I think it brought us closer together.” Sohm agreed that even though it was very hard, it did make the team closer.


Grace Ehrmantraut
Elle Dickey swimming the 100-meter breaststroke.

Overall, the swim team is like a family. They go through good times and bad times together and even though the meet was difficult that night, considering what had happened, it motivated them to do better, try harder, and give it their all. Everyone swamthat night, and even Elle Dickey swam laps dedicated to her mom. The crowd was moved by how excited the team was to be doing this. It really showed who they were inside: loving, caring, good people.