B Squad Tennis


BSM B Squad tennis had an amazing 2017-2018 season. Tennis is a really fun sport, with not much experience needed. Carol McLain, the B Squad tennis coach said, “This year our B Squad team represented every grade level in the school. We had a great time learning basic skills and improving our overall game. All the girls on the team were super kind to one another, and new friendships formed across the grade levels.”

“I was nervous when we were playing against Blake! They have the best tennis team we play against. When we play them, we always lose,” seventh-grader Sophia Salmon said. “I was excited when the match was at five points each, and we were at forty all, and I won.” There are different lengths of tennis matches, usually playing until someone gets six or eight points. There are mini-games determining the points. We play where you start at love (zero), go to fifteen, thirty, then forty.  The only matches that count for the final score though are the top seven.

Practice starts after school with a short walk to the tennis courts. Once people get there, we warm up on the courts playing whatever game we want to, with whomever we feel like playing. After that, we do drills based on what we need to work on. Sometimes we need to work on serves, so one side of the court serves while the other side hits the balls back to them. Other times, we just play fun games to practice different types of skills.

Annie Libbey
Grace Wikenheiser doing her serve

We had nine matches this season, and we won two of them and tied one of them. Seventh-grader Sophia Salmon was the strongest player on the team this year. Sophia played our number one singles and challenged all of her competitors to a challenging match.

We had a very successful season. With twenty-one girls from grades seven through twelve, we were bound to have a great one since everybody worked really hard and did very well. Majority of the girls stayed throughout the matches to support each other, so we had really good team support. B Squad tennis is a really fun sport to get involved in.