BSM Boys’ Jr. High Red Soccer


The 2017-2018 team.

Soccer is the most played sport because of its simplicity and accessibility. In the 2014 World Cup, which is a worldwide tournament that brings countries from all around to celebrate the beautiful game, around 3.9 billion viewed the games at some point. Because of its popularity, there is an incredible amount of money involved with soccer. Sky Sports, a television company based in England, paid for TV rights that cost approximately 5.3 billion to air games in the Premier League. Adidas pays 75 million euros yearly to be Manchester United’s official jersey supplier, and players like Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo are paid a weekly salary of more than 300,000 euros. As worldwide interest in soccer soars, schools across the nation have soccer teams for kids to meet friends and develop their skills, and Benilde-St. Margaret’s is no exception.

The Jr. High Red team consists of 7th and 8th graders and plays other schools, such as St. Hubert’s, the Blake School, Breck and Annunciation. The Red Knights are led by Coach Tenekay Johnson, who has a son on the team, Tenekay Johnson Jr. Tenekay Johnson is a great mentor and loves working with and helping kids. The junior high team has had a spectacular season so far with a record of eight wins, one tie, and zero losses. For the players, there is a lot to admire about the team. Wiley Wang, an 8th grade forward for the Red Knights, said that his favorite thing about the team was that the 7th and 8th graders can play together. Bryce Pfeiffer said that his favorite thing about the team was the team’s fighting spirit.

Excitement is growing as the playoffs on the weekend of October 27 draw near. Thomas Herbert, a Red Knights soccer player said, “We should be optimistic about the playoffs because of our record.” Similar to Thomas, every player asked said they are optimistic about the playoffs. Junior high sports may not be extremely competitive, but JH students should come to the playoff games for the sake of supporting their peers.

Many players on the team said that their favorite goal of the season was the goal that Camden Carter scored. He used his astonishing throw-in ability to score a goal from close to half field. A throw-in occurs when the ball exits the playing field on the sideline. To put the ball back into play, a player must thrust the ball over their head and throw it to a teammate. But instead of just passing it to another player, Camden’s strength allowed him to throw it from half field past the Blake goalkeeper, who tipped it.

Recently, the composed BSM Red Knights triumphed against St. Paul Academy 3-0 to win the Twin Cities Region Catholic School Championship. The team was ecstatic after the game as all of their hard work paid off.

Many schools are not provided with the amazing opportunity to play sports, so students at BSM should take advantage of fall sports like cross-country, volleyball, and most of all, soccer. Soccer has so many health benefits, social benefits, and mental benefits, that you should consider going out for soccer next year.