Get to Know Latin Teacher Ms. Milligan

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Get to Know Latin Teacher Ms. Milligan

Jr. High Latin teacher Ms. Milligan.

Jr. High Latin teacher Ms. Milligan.

Jr. High Latin teacher Ms. Milligan.

Jr. High Latin teacher Ms. Milligan.

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Question #1: So Magistra, why did you want to become a Latin teacher?

Because Latin is the language of nerds, and I’m a nerd and I want to make more nerds.

Question #2: Why did you move to Minnesota?

I wanted to teach unruly rapscallions.

Question #3: How many years have you been a Latin teacher?

This is my first year teaching at all.

Question #4: Are you staying at BSM next year? If not, where are you going?

No. I don’t know where I’m going.  I’m willing to move to teach.

Question #5: Where did you grow up?

I grew up in California, near Sacramento in a small “hillbilly” suburb.

Question #6: What do you like about Benilde-St. Margaret’s?

I like the students and how they are smart and motivated, and I like the challenge of teaching you everyday.

Question #7: How old were you when you wanted to be a teacher?

I was six years old. I tried to teach my brother about football.

Question #8: When did you first take Latin?

I took it for the first time in my third year of college.

Question #9: Why do you like Latin so much?

It is one of the oldest languages in the world, and I like to read some of the oldest literature in its original language.

Question #10: What’s the best part of being a teacher?

I get to do something different every day.

Question #11: How long do you expect to be a teacher for?

Until I’m 100 years old.

Question #12: Do you like teaching junior high?

Yes. I think that you are in an “interesting” phase of your life, and I want to steer you in the right direction.

Question #13: Are you looking to teach high school?

Yes, I would be interested in teaching more advanced Latin.

Question #14: Where did you go to college?

I got my undergrad at U.C.Davis in California, then moved to Boston to get my Master’s at Boston College.

Question #15: How did you get to BSM?

I saw an ad for the Latin job two weeks before school began and interviewed. I moved here a week before school began.