Jr. High Track 2017


Hurdler Kaia Ballinger.

BSM Junior High track is on a roll this year by already beating five school records in only four races. Mr. Sylvester, the junior high track and field coach, said, “The team has really been improving this year, and I can’t wait to see what they will do next!” Track is a sport where you don’t have to have much experience and you can catch on quickly.

“Coming into track, I didn’t know if I was a good runner or if I had what it took,” said Lilly Pihart, 7th grade long distance runner. “But the coaches helped me, and now I have really improved from the first practice.  Joining track was at first scary because I didn’t know if I was a good runner or if I could run for a long period of time. Then I realized there were two categories, sprinting or long distance.” The longest race is the 1600 meters, which is equivalent to one mile.  The shortest is running one side of the track, which is the 100 meter. In the senior high there are longer races that are run.

Kaia Ballinger passes the baton to Ashtyn Lowenberg.

An average practice for distance runners includes a short lap around the neighborhood and then some laps around the track for a recovery jog. A sprinter’s average practice could consist of two short laps around the track, some dynamic stretching, and then they generally stay on the track and do some striders each day. We have practice every day after school except Friday.  JH track has two coaches, Coach Zimny (long distance coach) and Coach Sylvester (sprinting coach). We have track meets almost every week, in total about five, and the boys and girls have separate meets, except for the conference race. If you are not interested in the running part, you can do field events like long jump, shot put, or the high jump.

Avery Junker, Ava Krueger, and Riley Leonard had really good seasons. They were all promoted to the varsity team and competed in hurdles in all of their races. In addition, many track athletes  have tied or broken records this year. They include:

Michael LeBlanc, Justin Doll, Ryan Kraemer, Connor Rahill (4X200 record)

Ashtyn Lowenburg practicing the long jump.

Connor Rahill, Darnell McCrea, Adam Foe, William Petty (4X100 record)

Alana Kabaka, Maddie Walesch, Hannah Shields, Hayden Brands (sprint medley relay record)

Ryan Kraemer, Adam Foe, Connor Rahill, Justin Doll (sprint medley relay record)

William Petty (tied the 100 meter record)

Overall, the track season was a huge success this year, and we broke or tied many school records. Everybody is always there to support one another and everybody is always positive. Track helped us make new friends, and it is a fun sport.