Jr. High Baseball


Junior High Baseball is one piece of art. This year with one successful group of boys we had a great year going 9-1, falling short to St. Paul 8-6 because we only had eight players. The baseball season has also really inspired us as the year has gone by. We have had some big hitters this year, one being Thomas Lee. We asked Thomas how he gets it done and he said, “Practice makes perfect. I also have a great hitting coach that helps my hitting.”

We asked Coach Keyes what he thought of the year, and he said “One of the more successful years. Overall, a great group of boys”.

Leading hitter Tomas Lee.

Something we do before every game is pray because we are a Catholic school, and it is a very cool tradition. The one downside to the season is not having a tournament at the end of the season because we can’t really determine who is the best team of them all. Our team has 18 players which takes up two teams, so we were separated into three groups: the white team, red team, and grey team. Two of our teams play each game, and if some players can’t come, our coach will ask if someone else can

come. We have a team of a wide variety of players, both in their personality and skill in the game, but all of us are very great teammates and sportsmen, both to one another and to the other team. We also have many players who play on travel teams as well as the BSM team, so they’re usually very skilled, but can’t come to all of our games. We had multiple injuries to our players during the season that occurred either on our team or during travel team games. For example, in our game against Minnehaha Academy Max Benning locked ankles with Luke Fredin while trying to catch an infield fly ball, and even though he caught it, he got trampled over and needed to be walked off the field. We are a very passionate team and always bring each other up after a loss, a tag, or a strikeout.