OAK Eatery Restaurant Review


The Turkey BLT sandwich with French Fries

Our American Kitchen, known as OAK Eatery, is located at 190 Westfalen Trail in Medina, Minnesota. The fairly new family owned restaurant opened in March of 2016, bringing delicious and nutritious food to the west metro. OAK Eatery is a unique restaurant that will make diners satisfied.

OAK Eatery’s interior is modern and open. The walls inside are painted a soft gray, supporting a black ceiling made up of tubes and pipes. A big wooden American flag hangs on the side of the wall, giving the restaurant more character. The menus at OAK are displayed neatly on white chalkboards and on sheets of paper near the cash register. These clearly displayed menus make it easy for a customer to order what they want to eat.

The service at OAK Eatery is excellent. The cashiers and servers at the front desk are very knowledgeable and are able to tell you their thoughts or opinions about a dish. Whenever you walk up to the counter to order, the employees are always smiling and cheerful. They also can help customers make food decisions and know what goes into the meals. In regards to quickness, the employees prepare the food fairly quick. They take around five minutes to prepare the food. The cleanliness of the restaurant is very good too. OAK’s staff work hard to keep the restaurant clean, and as a result, there are rarely ever crumbs or messes on the tables.

The most important part of a good restaurant is its food. Without a doubt, OAK Eatery has great food. OAK has a large variety of sandwiches, wraps, and soups too. They also make good calzones, salads, and sides, such as fries. I have tried many of OAK Eatery’s dishes, which I have found very tasty. The Turkey BLT sandwich is one of my favorite meals to get at OAK. This sandwich includes bacon, turkey, lettuce, tomato, and mayo all on sourdough bread. All together, these ingredients make for a delicious, tasty sandwich. The soups at OAK Eatery are also outstanding! Almost all soups are made with a variety of fresh vegetables. There are many soups that I enjoy here but there are two of them that stand out to me. The beef noodle soup is one of the best soups I tried. It had many vegetables in it, including potatoes, peas, and celery.  Another excellent soup I’ve had at OAK Eatery is the chili. The chili had beans, peppers and many other ingredients, creating a savory, spicy sensation. While I enjoyed the main course, I really like the French fries OAK serves. They serve three types of French fries: sweet potato, waffle, and regular. In my opinion, the best kind to get is the sweet potato fries because of their tasty flavor and crispiness. Overall, the food excellent at OAK Eatery.

Cobb Salad

Our American Kitchen is an outstanding restaurant that will please almost anyone who goes there! It is great restaurant that I would highly recommend for anyone to try.