Restaurant Review: Honey and Mackie’s

Fries and ice cream don’t sound like a delicious combination, but at Honey and Mackie’s they make it one. Opened in 2013, this ice cream and fry shop is known for their delicious fries and creative and rotating ice cream flavors that are not limited to: cinnamon sugar pecan, key lime pie, blueberry cheesecake, cayenne candied bacon, oatmeal cookie dough, frozen hot chocolate, and butter brickle. These insane flavors can bring a smile to anyone’s face and make their day.

The atmosphere of this unique venue is modern with a touch of retro. The colors are a little more relaxed with black and white floor tile and blue on the walls.  Vintage signs cover the walls around them the tables and chairs.

Honey and Mackie’s serves three main things, ice cream, French fries, and hotdogs. While the fries and ice cream are delicious, the hotdogs are just average. They’re not bad, but they’re not amazing.  Other than the hot dogs, the fries and ice cream are great. The fries have a perfect amount of salt and pepper on them and come straight out of the fryer. The two ice cream flavors I tried (Butterbeer and Candy Cane) were really good and stood out from other ice cream flavors I had tried before. Both had a unique flavor profile and left me wanting more.

This great ice cream parlor has brought countless smiles to peoples’ faces for three years running. Even though I’ve been to Honey and Mackie’s only once, it’s now one of my favorite ice cream parlors. If you’re in the Plymouth area and have time to kill, I’d highly suggest you stop by.