Video Game Review: Destiny

Video Game Review: Destiny

I don’t care if you have an Xbox, Play Station, PC or all three, Destiny is one of the best games you can get. Destiny is a first person shooter set in the future. I don’t really want to say post-apocalyptic, but things do look grim. Destiny is one of my favorite games and here’s why.

Destiny was released September 9, 2014. Since that time, Destiny’s producers, Bungie, added on DLC’s and expansions, the most recent one being Rise of Iron. But before all of that can come into play, you must first complete the main introduction. This is my favorite part because it displays the game’s beauty, action, intimidation, and story very well.

After that you are introduced to the tower, the last city on Earth. There are then two options you can take. The first one is the easiest, consume a “spark of light” to level up your character to level 40. The second option is to go through the hard work and build up your character from the bottom. I recommend the second option because it gives you the chance to develop skills, money, and gear. Once you hit max level, a new idea is introduced. Instead of regular leveling up, you gain light levels. Your light level depends on the gear you use. The higher your light level, the more activities that are open to you.

Some of these are the story line and missions. The story line for year one is confusing. It introduces you to many things, but it also leaves its players with many more questions. The story line for the Taken King, Dark Below, and Rise of Iron are better. They leave you feeling like you just witnessed the timeline of the destruction of the Golden Age and the following consequences.

The multiplayer in Destiny is well-created and has a fast-paced and high stakes feel. It gives you the option to play team deathmatch, free-for-all, or just straight mayhem. My personal favorite are the strikes in Destiny. These are fun, less competitive, and still give you the chance to gain good loot.

Destiny is a well-designed game, and even though it came out in 2014, it still has updates and is fun to play. I enjoy playing Destiny and would recommend that others play too.