Lego Robotics Competitions

BSM team's robot on the table completing Dog and Trainer mission.

Emma Leider

BSM team's robot on the table completing Dog and Trainer mission.

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First Lego League or Lego robotics is a club where teams compete with robots and are judged on how well they know the robot and can work as a team.

This year BSM’s team has only six people and is open to all junior high students. The team spends weeks getting ready for its chance to compete. Each team is only guaranteed one competition, and must do very well in order to compete again.

To prepare for the competition, teams must create a project that fits with the assigned theme and a robot that can complete its mission on the mat. The project this year was all about how to make the interactions better between humans and animals. The team at BSM choose to help make the beaches safer for people and sharks. Through research they found a way to keep sharks off heavily populated beaches and to keep people out of shark-breading grounds. The judges at the competition enjoy seeing skits to present the project. The BSM team made a skit to show how important the device would be for both the aquatic animals and people.

The BSM team also had to create a robot to complete missions.

Emma Leider
BSM team’s robot on the table completing Dog and Trainer mission.

The robot that they made took a long time to program and was really hard to line up for missions. Each mission is equivalent to a certain number of points. The mission they choose was the easiest one to complete, but was given the fewest points.

The competition starts with an opening ceremony. At the competition there are five events, the project judging, the core values, the robot judging, the table, and head-to-head. At project judging the judges take a look at the project and the research. They also look at who you made contact with and what groups you presented to. The BSM team did really well with everything except the people they contacted. During core values the team is judged on teamwork and cooperation. There is an activity for the team to complete that shows how well they work as a team. The judge always asks questions on how their work went as a team and what they learned. Robot judging is when the team presents the chosen mission to the judges and explains the programs. It was probably the BSM team’s best event because it was the one most thought through by the team. The table portion of the competition is the teams’ chance to show how well they programed the robot and how well they can handle the stress of scoring points. There are three rounds and the highest score becomes the teams’ final score. For the BSM team this final score was thirty, which was not much compared to the highest score of 125.

Emma Leider
Table right before head-to-head.

The final event is head-to-head. Head-to-head is were two teams from the same division compete to see who will move on. The team at BSM decided not to compete in head-to-head because it would not affect our score.

Lego Robotics is a really fun club and can help students to learn skills that will help them in the real world. It helps with problem solving and stress management. The competitions are really fun and competitors almost always have a great time.