Punch Pizza Review

If you think about your favorite pizza place in town, some people might think of Pizza Lucé,  Domino’s, or Pizzaria Lola.  When I do, I think of Punch Pizza.  The beautifully rustic and authentic Neapolitan pizza place has the style and feel of a pizza place straight out of the big boot.Punch Pizza

This accurately-styled Neapolitan pizza place has captured the powerful and delicious flavors of a genuine wood-fired pizza straight from the heart of Italy.  Because the pizza is fired in a brick and tile oven, it takes less than ninety seconds to cook, making each order of your favorite pizzas take only five to six minutes to make and bake.  This also means that no matter how long the line may seem, you’ll be ordering something yourself within ten to twelve minutes.  If that’s still too long for you, you can have it ordered and delivered right to your doorstep.

Along with the many Neapolitan standbys, you can customize a pizza yourself with all of your favorite ingredients professionally arranged on top.  If you’re not a pizza type of person, they also have a few delicious salad choices that you’ll never forget.  The classic Caesar salad is prepared as it should be, with sliced tomatoes and more.  If that doesn’t meet your fancy, the outrageously delectable punch salad, adorned with prosciutto, flawless vinaigrette, and toasted pine nuts, certainly will.

Adding to the delicious menu and quick service, the beautiful radiance and rustic feel to the place will make you remember this meal for the rest of your adolescent life.  Hardwood tables and benches are the perfect touch to the warm room.  The pizza oven is beautifully adorned with blue and orange tiles, and the walls with tasteful and authentic pictures from Venice and Napoli.  On the wall to the right of the door a beautiful and simple mural covers the entire wall to give the place a bright and cheerful feel.Pizza

The great food, ambiance, and quick service for your delicious meal make this amazing pizza place my personal favorite.  It is a hot spot for activity, since almost every time I go there I see someone that I know.  Many people know and love this great Neapolitan pizza parlor, and I look forward to every chance that I have to go and eat there.