Claire Donesky

Claire Donesky

Photo by Claire Donesky

Claire Donesky

Junior High Newspaper (JHN): Is there a time that you have gotten in a lot of trouble for something you didn’t commit?

Claire Donesky:  Yes. Last week someone kept pulling on my hair and I got a quiet lunch for yelling at her to stop. The teacher thought that it was the other way around.

JHN: Is there an embarrassing moment that not a lot of people know about?

CD:  When I was little, I played soccer. I didn’t know which goal I was supposed to score in, so I would always score on my goal.

JHN: What is a hobby of yours that is not very common?

CD:  I have a seashell collection. I have been to San Diego and Florida to collect them.

JHN: What is your biggest pet peeve?

CD:  My brother. He is the most annoying little animal on the planet.

JHN: What is the most challenging thing you have had to do in life so far?

CD:  I hyperextended my knee a couple years ago and then hyperextended it again at Wolf Ridge. It was kind of annoying because I had to wear tape whenever I played a sport, and it really hurt and prevented me from doing a lot of activities.