Flyboard in The Sunset

Almost everybody has wished that they could fly, at least once. It would be extremely fun and would make life easier. Of course, flying is impossible…or is it? Fortunately, a new piece of technology allows for the next best thing, Flyboards. These aquatic toys are very exciting and great to use with friends.

Flyboard Trick

In order to be able to ride one, everyone should know how Flyboards work. The rider is strapped into a board wearing a pair of boots. A hose is connected to the board that leads to a watercraft of some sort, like a boat or a jet ski. Water is pushed through the hose and into the boots, shooting the rider sky high.

Even though Flyboards can be used for fun, there are official competitions for them. The first Flyboard World Cup was held in Doha, Qatar in 2012. The competitors performed tricks in front of the judges, trying to impress them. Stephane Prayas was the winner of the first worldwide Flyboard competition.

Although these devices are extremely incredible, they do have their limits. They can’t go any higher than fifty feet in the air and eight feet below the surface. Some inexperienced riders can only go so high and so low, but practice makes perfect, and someday, they will be able to reach the limit.

These lengths still provide a lot of room to do whatever you want with them. You can do so many things with Flyboards, such as popping up from the surface and going back down like a dolphin, doing a flip, or seeing how high you can go. The possibilities are nearly endless.