Xela Gunalson


Photo by Xela Gunvalson

7th grader Xela Gunvalson

Junior High Newspaper: Is there a time when you have gotten in a lot of trouble for something you didn’t do?

Xela Gunvalson:  One time I got in trouble for breaking a glass cup when it was really my sister. I ended up cleaning it up because I wanted others to be safe since my little sister is clumsy and would probably leave some of the glass on the floor.

JHN: Is there an embarrassing moment for you that not a lot of people know about?

XG:  When I was in fourth grade during recess it was the corner of the field a girl came up behind me and pantsed me. I immediately pulled them back up and my friends started giggling and ended up asking why the girl had done that. The weird thing  is that they weren’t even my close friends, they were more like Frenemies.

JHN: If you could have the power to change one thing in the world, what would it be?

XG: If I could do one thing in the world, it would be curing isolation. I want to cure it because everyone deserves to fit in and get along with other people. The thing that makes me want to do this is because my sister doesn’t really fit in with my family.  All of my siblings are sporty, but my sister is more artsy. Whenever the majority of the siblings are playing sports or rough housing, she will sit out and get really sad because she doesn’t fit in with her own family.

JHN: What is the most challenging thing you have had to do in life?

XG:  The hardest thing that I have had to do is deciding to play BSM hockey. This was hard for me because the only connection to my Chaska friends was through hockey. I kinda regret this choice because now I don’t really know them.

JHN: What is your biggest pet peeve?

XG: My biggest pet peeve is when my hair ties break. One time one of my hair ties broke before a hockey game, so I had to use pre-wrap to keep my hair together.