Mickey’s Diner Review

Mickey's at night

Mickey's at night

An interesting history that is over 80 years old, great comfort food, and an interesting atmosphere make Mickey’s Diner worth the long drive to St. Paul. From the outside the small dining car looks out of place with the large office buildings neighboring it, but when you step inside, it couldn’t scream Minnesota more. The walls are lined with pictures of Minnesota sports teams, local customers, and relics of the Twins Cities’ history, which proves its love for Minnesota. When customers go inside, they see a long counter that takes up the length of the restaurant. Surrounding the counter are vintage red stools that are probably as old as Mickey’s itself. There are also a few booths to host hungry families or couples. The vintage atmosphere makes all customers feel they stepped back to the 1950’s.

Mickey's at night
Mickey’s at night

The waiting staff is also a great addition to Mickey’s. Whether it’s 1:00 in the morning or 8:00 at night, the waiting staff always has a smile on their face, ready to serve any customer. Their training and opinion about which meal or dessert is the best, is excellent. After an order is in, the staff tries to get to the customer as quickly as possible.


Hamburger at Mickey's
Photo by Maddie Walesch
Hamburger at Mickey’s

When a meal comes to a table, things suddenly become silent because everyone is too busy eating their food. One of the best items on Mickey’s menu is their pancakes. The golden buttery taste is almost irresistible and makes the eater go back for more. Another great item on their four-page menu is the malt, which comes in many flavors. The malts are described as “so thick that customers can eat them with a fork,” and surprisingly, the myth is true. My only complaint on the menu is the hamburger. It’s not bad; it’s just not special. You could go anywhere else and have the exact same burger. Other than that, Mickey’s Diner is a great, family-friendly, fun restaurant that I hope to return to soon.