Blaze Pizza


Photo by Clare Lynch

One of the pizzas at Blaze Pizza

The night was dark and the little line of restaurants and shops lit the night. The sign in front of the store said Blaze Pizza in orange. The creator of these restaurants must have had an unhealthy obsession with the color orange, because everything was that color, but it made everything match and look neat.

There was a wonderful smell of fresh sauce and cooking pizza, and almost no line. That may have been because it was 8:00 at night, but there were still some people. Even with the few people waiting in line, the cooks were just pumping out pizzas and there were plenty of things to look at. Behind the counter there was a huge mixing bowl for dough, a thing that pushed down the dough into circles, and a person who’s job was to dust corn meal onto wooden plates and then put the dough on so that they were ready for the toppings.

The wood burning oven at Blaze Pizza.
Photo by Clare Lynch
The wood burning oven at Blaze Pizza.

It was kind of Subway-style ordering, where there is a counter and they put on the toppings of choice. The other option is to choose from a bunch of pre-made recipes that have the option of adding or taking off toppings They had normal pizza sauce, spicy sauce, and alfredo sauce. There was also a variety of different cheeses to choose from. Then there were the meat toppings, like grilled chicken and peperoni. When it came to veggies, they had tons of options that included basil, tomatoes, mushrooms, and onions. After they make the pizza, they put it into a wood-burning oven. The oven was a cave-like structure with fire on both sides.

They also had some cool drinks. There were normal fountain drinks, but there was also delicious blood orange lemonade. Can I even call it lemonade? It was delicious and a fun new drink. The blood orange lemonade mixed with the iced tea made a delicious drink as well.  The tables were super clean; they didn’t have any pieces of trash or crumbs on them.

The pizzas probably took less than three minutes to cook. The people serving were all standing behind the counter and talking to each other, and laughing like they were happy to be there. The pizza looked DELICIOUS! We took it back to our table and started to dig in.

The pizza was amazing. The crust was crispy but not too hard or soggy, and the sauce wasn’t overpowering. Instead, it complimented the other flavors of the pizza. The pepperoni was better than the grilled chicken, and the basil added a nice touch. Everything tasted very fresh compared to other restaurants.

Because of the fact that there weren’t many people, there wasn’t much noise. The lighting wasn’t too bright or dark, so it was kind of nice.

Overall, I would highly recommend Blaze Pizza to anyone who likes a nice, fresher pizza and a calmer atmosphere.