Meet New Music Teacher Mr. Petroski


Photo by: Alice Petty

Mr. Petroski “smiling”.

At the beginning of the year new kids arrive and new teachers are introduced. For those that take choir, the name Adam Petroski probably seems familiar as a new arrival at BSM.

Mr. Petroski sings and conducts two choirs in both the junior high and senior high music departments at BSM.  He started to major in choral conducting during his sophomore year in college at the University of Minnesota Duluth. Until then, Mr. Petroski had only played sports. He was a very good student. He studied, worked hard, and played baseball, football, and basketball. Mr. Petroski also sang in many musicals after his sophomore year.

Since Mr. Petroski loves to sing, we assume he must listen to music, but what kind? Well, there isn’t just one genre he prefers, but rather a wide variety of music. His favorite singer right now has to be Ed Sheeran. While working at Benilde-St. Margaret’s, he’s been really proud of the choir’s performance on KDWB, the Madrigal Choir at the Christmas concert, and the junior high choir.

For Vikings fans this will come as bad news, but Mr. Petroski is a Packers fan because he grew up in Wisconsin. He’s extremely disappointed in them because they lost their berth in the Playoffs. He thinks there should be an overtime rule in which both teams have the opportunity to possess the ball. Mr. Petroski not only follows football, but also baseball, namely his new hometown team, the Twins, as well as the Brewers. He said if he could trade places with anyone, it would be Paul Molitor, the head coach for the Twins.

Mr. Petroski read a biography about Tony Dungy, who was the head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Dungy offered words of wisdom to Mr. Petroski about how to silently teach or coach your students without yelling. The book is entitled, “Quiet Strength,” and discusses what type of coach Dungy was and how he taught his players.

During his childhood, Mr. Petroski absolutely loved the woods in Wisconsin. His family had a lot of acreage, and he spent many hours out there. One thing he hated was the hour-long ride on the bus just to get to school, because he lived so far away from the city. Mr. Petroski looked up to his parents and admired his teachers. Even then, he liked singing because of his choir instructor, a reason why he chose education and teaches music at BSM today. His younger brother wants to become a police officer. They both enjoyed each others’ company as kids growing up in Wisconsin. About a year ago Mr. Petroski went to the Florida Keys to get away from the cold. He claims it was the most beautiful and best trip he’s been on.

Mr. Petroski is thrilled to join the faculty at BSM. As the newest member of the staff, everyone finds him relatable and super chill. Choir is fun and he is an excellent teacher.