Junior High Roller Garden Party

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Students having fun on the dance floor.

Last night, there was one of, if not the most fun Junior High parties of the year.  This final party at The Roller Garden was punctuated by amazing events and games, such as limbo, the hokey pokey, and the chicken dance.  I interviewed a few people there to see what they thought of the event. The first interview I did was with West Alvarado.

SB: “West, what do you think of the roller garden party so far?”

WA: “It’s pretty freaking awesome.”

I then went to get a few words from Justin Doll to see what he thought of the party so far.

SB: “Do you like the party so far?”

JD: “Yeah, it’s pretty fun.”

SB: “What do you like about it specifically?”

JD: “I love skating around in circles”

SB: “Did you enjoy the limbo?”

JD: “That was fun, even though I didn’t do very well.”

SB: “Do you think a roller garden was a good idea for a party?  Do you think we should go here next year?”

JD: “Yeah, it’s fun.  We should totally come here next year.”


Soon after that, I spotted Matthew Jungman and decided to get an interview from him.

SB: “What do you think of the party so far?”

MJ: “It’s pretty fun.”

SB: “What activities do you hope they do later in the party?”

MJ: “I hope to do all of those mini-game things. I hope to win some stuff.”

SB: “What did you think about the limbo?”

MJ: “It was pretty good, but my backbones blew it for me.”

Overall, I thought that this was a very fun and successful party.  Maybe BSM will return to the Roller Garden next year to have even more fun than before.


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